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You’re gonna want to try drugs, and you decide to do it for a stupid reason, and it’ll lead you to a situation that changes you and your family’s entire life. Love your friends, especially your cousins, tell them that you love them and hug them each time you see them, because one day you’ll lose one of them that is dearest to you and won’t ever get them back.

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT constantly dye your hair.. you’ll damage it for a long time. Do not follow the crowd and do not lead a crowd, you’ll just be pressured way too much for your own good, find a friend who will stand beside you instead. The thing is, you’re going to meet some fucking assholes that you thought were your friends, and they’ll backstab you and make lies (just doing anything to hurt you and bring you down), but brush them off your shoulder and don’t ever let them get to you again because it’s them who has the issue NOT YOU.

There will come a time where our own species will endanger the rest of the entire species including our own, there will be some major and scary actions, developments, procedures, and situations, that’ll take place… but it’ becomes an awakening era for everything and everyone on Earth; there is also positive and powerful actions that will rapidly expand because of it, there will be fights possibly suffering, but if the people, including yourself, are positive enough, it will change for the better of all, the Earth will become healthy if people believe and want it to be—So please, don’t lose faith in the people, and don’t feel ashamed of being human because of others.

Diseases like cancer will be common in those times, in fact what we all do in our daily lives will in a way be cancer to the Earth, infecting ourselves and everything within her, but if you talk to your body and to the Earth in positive and loving vibes and energy and believe you will be healthy, THEN you will be healthy as FUCK.

So be happy, inhale all the good shit and exhale all the bullshit. Don’t pressure yourself, don’t overwhelm yourself, but stick to your guns and don’t be afraid to speak and express yourself from your hearth and mind, you’ll surprise and inspire others if you stay positive and vibrant!”

-Juisen Bartibøgue "Y

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